Melanin Haircare and Suuchi Inc. Announce Plans for Expanded Partnership

Melanin Haircare, the Boston based haircare and apparel company, has recently solidified its multi-year partnership with Suuchi Inc. to expand upon its existing relationship to further digitize its business operations.


Melanin Haircare, the Boston based haircare and apparel company, has recently solidified its multi-year partnership with Suuchi Inc. to expand upon its existing relationship to further digitize its business operations. The growth in the partnership between both companies helps Melanin expand its use of the GRID along with its ongoing production runs utilizing Suuchi’s Global Sourcing Network (GSN).

The GRID provides a robust supply chain operations software platform, while also managing a Global Sourcing Network (GSN) consisting of hundreds of factories, suppliers, mills, and freight companies across Central, and South America. Melanin Haircare uses the three core products of the GRID – PLM, PO, and downstream supply chain management, and GSN to manage aspects of their sourcing and production capabilities, optimizing for the best combination of ethical manufacturing, costs, and lead times. Melanin has produced apparel and accessories through the GSN, relying on Suuchi’s network of factories in Central and South America to optimize its production lifecycles and decrease lead times.

In addition to using the GSN for its production runs, Melanin has expanded its usage of the GRID to manage other aspects of its product development and supply chain operations. Using the GRID’s Product Development and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) modules, Melanin is able to seamlessly store and manage their existing digital assets as well as develop new products on the GRID. Melanin can efficiently create and manage product conception through sampling workflows, either as individual products or product group records, accelerating new product development timelines.

During their time working with the GRID team, Melanin has expanded into new product categories including apparel and through the continued use of the GRID, Melanin team members can manage product lines spanning across multiple categories. This allows Melanin to focus on its business and providing its customers the best possible products.

“The GRID Platform and Global Sourcing Network are increasingly important solutions for Melanin Haircare. The GRID team has helped Melanin Haircare bring creative products to market. We love that we have been able to digitize our product development and sourcing operations, and that we have visibility to track the entire supply chain,” according to Taffeta White, Co-Founder of Melanin Haircare.

“Whitney and Taffeta White are pioneers in the beauty space. It has been a privilege working closely with the co-founders and their team watching their exponential growth over the last few years. Not only are they strong brand builders, but between the two, Whitney and Taffeta are unmatched creatives and operators. The sky is the limit for Melanin, and they are well on their way to becoming a massive brand and household name”, said Suuchi Ramesh, CEO & Founder of Suuchi Inc.

Suuchi Inc. offers a full suite of supply chain solutions that is powered through their proprietary software, the GRID. Suuchi customers purchase the GRID as a separate software offering to manage product development, costing, and purchasing or receive access to the GRID when they leverage the platform for production and sourcing solutions. The GRID creates full transparency across the supply chain, provides real-time updates, streamlined communication, and analytics for data-backed decision making. Brands have the option to integrate internal systems into the GRID with the platform functioning as a single source of truth to digitize the entire length of their upstream and downstream supply chains.

About the Suuchi GRID
The GRID is a next-generation supply chain platform designed for consumer brands, retailers, and manufacturing across a multitude of industries. The platform provides a seamless end-to-end view of the supply chain, providing users with insight related to sourcing, design, product development, production, and shipment management. Suuchi Inc. partners with customers to deploy its platform as a software solution to digitize both upstream and downstream supply chains. Customers can also choose to utilize the GRID’s Global Sourcing Network (GSN), a managed marketplace of factories and mills primarily located in Central and South America. Combined with robust communication and collaboration capabilities, built for how supply chains operate, companies can create, track, collaborate and report across the entire length of their supply chain. Suuchi Inc. is digitally transforming retail and supply chain management, enabled by megatrends of just-in-time production, connected systems, vendor participation, near shoring, and supply chains created for consumer demand. For more information, visit

About Melanin Haircare
Founded in 2015 by Whitney and Taffeta White, Melanin Haircare is rooted in a passion for natural hair care, health scalp care, natural and safe ingredients, as well as high quality products and merchandise that benefits the community it serves. Melanin Haircare focuses on high quality, natural ingredients, with the addition of meticulously chosen safe-synthetic ingredients to ensure products are shelf stable and to elevate their performance. Natural and luxurious, yet simple and affordable, Melanin Haircare products deliver on quality and affordability for the everyday woman, man, and child. Visit to learn more.


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