Stylist & Fashion Influencer – Ali Levine | Suuchi Podcast #69


On today’s podcast, Irina interviews Ali Levine, an LA-based celebrity wardrobe stylist and fashion influencer. Born and raised in NYC, she always had a passion for fashion and began working in retail after getting her degree in fashion merchandising and management. Her career shifted when she moved to Hollywood and began to live her dream as a stylist to the stars. She has and continues to work with many celebrity clients both on set and on the red carpet.

Ali and her husband were also featured on the Bravo TV show “Stripped” where she learned a lot about herself, her husband, and what it means to be so fortunate in life and how easy it is to take things for granted.

In 2018, Ali had her first child, Amelia, which led to a natural shift in her career. She became a well-known mommy influencer with a passion to help other moms in the mama population. She has been featured on many TV networks and programs helping audiences narrow down their picks for products in all categories and continues to work with her clients. She is also expecting baby girl #2 in 2020!

We hope you enjoy today’s talk and if you want to get in touch with Ali, check out her blog:
Instagram: @alilevinedesign or
Her podcast, which you can learn more about at @striptdownpodcast.


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