The First Step to Launch Your Dream Brand

We know that when you’re a launching brand that all you want to do is to finally show everyone what you’ve been working so hard on. The mundane, first steps to launching your brand could seem like unnecessary formalities just holding you back.


But what if skipping out on one step could jeopardize the future of your whole brand? The need for a Tech Pack for all of your pieces could be what makes or breaks the future of your brand.


By skipping out on creating a Tech Pack, you give up the control of your vision to whatever the manufacturer takes away from the description you gave them. Tech packs tell manufacturers (international or here in the U.S.) the exact details of every part of your garment. Additionally, it gives you the freedom to shop around for the manufacturer that gives you the best price (keep reading for more on this).


Ultimately, Tech Packs let you maintain all the control over your product from the very first step.


In no uncertain terms, Tech Packs hold manufacturers accountable for how your products are to be produced. For example, If a manufacturer goes below or over the tolerance level on the measurements the Tech Pack provided to them, they are now obligated to remake the product properly or provide a discount.


However, without the Tech Pack, not only is your sample not what you wanted, you have no way of showing that they did not follow the guidelines you had set out.


You will also establish a reputation as an unprofessional and unprepared brand if you skip out on investing in a Tech Pack. This leaves you vulnerable to being taking advantage of by manufacturers.


You’ll have no idea what an accurate price point for manufacturing your garment is if you skip out on a Tech Pack and manufacturers know that. They’ll take advantage of this and set higher price points to make a few extra dollars. Tech Packs are an investment that let you avoid losing out on money and establish yourself as a credible brand and partner.


How imperative it is to have a Tech Pack speaks for itself for designers and brands of all sizes. Here at Suuchi Inc., we recognized that need and created our Starter Packages to provide all designers with access to Tech Packs and the other tools needed to create a brand.


Don’t let your brand fall behind because you didn’t start on the right foot. Start creating your dream brand today.

By Lizzie Sessa


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