The Key to Surviving the Lows is GRIT | #SuuchiStrong

What a time we are living in. Decisions we make daily have an immediate impact on those within our now combined physical and virtual walls. As I reflect on the current state of the world and the fantastic team we have here at Suuchi Inc, the word that resonates is grateful. Each of us is balancing this new world. We have limited access to our loved ones, we have limited access to our teams in the office, we have limited access to everyone around us, but the silver lining is the fact that we have adapted and we have each other.

When I joined Suuchi, my key drivers were the people, the software, and what I thought we could build.

There was something about Suuchi that just felt right. Since then, we have built an incredible Product organization dedicated to the vision of the GRID and the company. Outside of Product, we have stellar teams who make themselves available, care deeply for each of our customers, and our overall mission by genuinely living and breathing our values.

I look at each person on our team and am truly grateful.

Our team comes in every day or logs in remotely and drives the mission forward. We deliver for our customers old and new while balancing the new responsibilities the pandemic has thrown us. With so many unknowns, the constant is the Suuchi Team. As I’ve worked with the team throughout this new norm, I’ve seen them embody perseverance, dedication, drive, commitment, and empathy. These words also tie back to the company values but, perhaps most importantly, reflect the caliber of people we have chosen to surround ourselves to drive Suuchi into the next phase of growth.

As a person that has lead teams during the 2007-2008 financial and housing crisis and the relative localized Super Storm Sandy, I’ve seen what it takes for organizations to survive tough times. As many books, podcasts, and blogs have discussed, GRIT is the key to pushing through the lows. Our team has shown that they have the perseverance, adaptability, and drive that will make us a stronger company once this pandemic passes. As Angela Duckworth describes, GRIT is a combination of passion and perseverance for a singular goal, and I see this from everyone on the Suuchi team. While we have all been impacted in some way by COVID-19, every single one of my team members has shown the GRIT to come together as a unified team and stay focused on the end goal.

What is Suuchi Strong to me? It’s a family that’s come together over the years and pushes for results day over day while being genuinely connected through the good and bad. I am truly grateful for each person on the Suuchi team and our dedication to each other, our customers, and our common goals. We will push through and persevere, and we, as a team and the world, will end up in a better place.

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Written by Andrew McKenna


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