Video Conferencing on the Suuchi GRID

Video conferencing tools such as Zoom and Google Hangouts were fairly popular before the COVID-19 pandemic. They were helpful tools to connect with outside partners, team members at other offices, and host online events that didn’t require in-person attendance. Now that most companies still have the majority of their workforce, if not all, operating remotely for the foreseeable future, video conferencing has become the main way for teams to remain connected.

Before the pandemic, video conferencing was already on the GRID’s product roadmap as an additional feature for our Communication and Collaboration module. However, the pandemic allowed us to reevaluate the roadmap and move up video conferencing as a priority feature. We quickly saw the disconnect across internal teams on a preferred conferencing system, and an even bigger disconnect among companies and their external partners, especially those with international limitations.

With the new reliance on video calls and a mission statement to have a single communication stream in the GRID, our video conferencing feature will go live this week. Users will have the ability to start a video call directly through the GRID to communicate with their internal team, vendors, and partners. This will eliminate any friction on finding the right platform for everyone on the team or users accidentally clicking the Google Hangouts link in an invite instead of the Zoom or Microsoft Teams link. Additionally, running the video calls in GRID allows you to dive deep into projects in realtime with anyone in your supply chain improving efficiency throughout and solve problems as they arise.

Schedule a demo of the GRID through the link below to learn how the GRID unifies communication to increase accountability and improve turnaround times!


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