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One of my proudest moments, before I sent my daughter to graduate school in London, was the letter I wrote to her. In it, I told her about “my book of life.” The story of Ben over the years, layers upon layers of experience I have had, from life events of having children, grandchildren, my first car, my first house, my jobs, basically my memory book as told in the form of a story.  As I wrote this letter to her, I requested that she continue to write her own “book of life” to build on the rich experiences she already had and to enjoy every moment of the journey. 

As I think about the new chapters in my book, I could dedicate one whole section to Suuchi Ramesh and her four-year-old technology company. Suuchi’s journey could fill a book itself. Before founding Suuchi Inc., Suuchi spent time at two unicorn companies developing a strong background in analytics. This risk-taker started a company in a small North Bergen, NJ warehouse, with a handful of employees, and focused on informing her technology based on real supply chain pain points experienced in the R&D facility. That technology, now known today as the Suuchi GRID, was born from her vision to reinvent the supply chain through intuitive, next-gen software. Not only did it not take long for hundreds of businesses to see the value Suuchi and the GRID, but outside partners saw the power this type of technology has. Layer on a $38m GROW grant from the state of New Jersey, Series A funding from Edison Partners, and the company blossomed through hyper-growth. While I’m still writing this chapter in the book, I have to convey this lasting image to my readers: the little North Bergen factory is now a 50K sq. ft. office and warehouse in Carlstadt, NJ; the little sewing room is now a  600+ network of suppliers across the globe, the handful of accounts are now 300+ strong and growing; and the production network that drove thousands of units can now drive 200m+ units. 

Great story, yes, but it is only the beginning. A world-class management team with extensive experience throughout the organization, and you can see why they were able to lead our company to survive the trials of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their resilience and commitment to success allowed us to strengthen the GRID’s solutions as a supply chain management software and to accelerate our network’s expansion to supply millions of PPE units to businesses. This team has allowed us to remain Suuchi Strong.

Like my book of life story, Suuchi Inc. is writing its book. As Suuchi herself says, we are here for the long term, building a multi-generational business. We will weather storms, do what it takes to succeed, and bring value to our customers.

The book is still being written.

Written by Ben Zucker

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