What Supply Chain Transparency Offers

Supply chains matter. Supply chain transparency matters even more. Getting a finished product is one thing, but seeing its creation can instills a trust in a client that would not be otherwise possible. The digital age has changed the way people view information. People feel entitled to even the smallest shred of additional information about a subject. Why not indulge this need? If there is one thing people enjoy it is seeing progress be made, regardless of the content. That is why when you order something off Amazon you feel delighted to receive the email that it has shipped.

Giving a client a chance to view the inner workings of a complex process allows them to feel closer to the project. They no longer feel just like an invisible client with no power over the creation process. The importance of presence cannot be overstated.

Transparency of a supply chain can make the difference between a one-time client and a repeat buyer. At Suuchi Inc. we walk the talk as an organization that embraces transparency at every level. Suuchi, using our proprietary technology known as the “Suuchi Grid”, allows clients to track every step of the creation process. Clients are actually able to get constant feedback on their orders, down to the number of products at each stage they are in. Customers are also informed in real time when their product moves to the next stage in development. This level of detail and care helps foster better relationships with clients. Plus, this integrated model allows for easy communication not just between the client and the team but also between the different departments of the company itself.

Real time communication between the different parties is beneficial for everyone involved. Just ask Under Armour. Under Armour has implemented a similar program to Suuchi, in that it allows for real time communication between departments. UA uses a program known as “Voyager” that allows for more in depth planning along their supply chain. This program ensures that everyone along the supply chain is accounted for and happy. They have been able to thrive with this efficient supply chain because it has a high level of transparency.

Taking advantage of supply chain transparency leads to faster turnaround times and greater overall efficiency. Transparency enables everyone involved to understand what must be done and in what manner, making for a truly invaluable asset. Clients will most certainly value the additional information that you are able to provide. It will also allow for your company to run smoother. A clean integration of transparency is not necessarily an easy process to undertake, but if done properly (like the companies stated above), it is a worthwhile one.


Written by Ian McAllister


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