Digitization is Necessary for a Sustainable Supply Chain Strategy | #SuuchiStrong

Over time, technology has played an essential part in the progress of the human race. The Industrial Revolution, electricity, airplanes, locomotives, automobiles, computers, radio communications, space flights, satellites, and the internet, to name a few. All of these advancements have played a crucial part in our progress. Innovation and teamwork are common denominators amongst these advances, without which they would not have happened. It took courage, tenacity, and a real hunger for growth in developing and implementing these ideas. Without them, the supply chains of today would not exist. Today’s supply chains are complex and difficult to navigate. Because of the vast amount of processed information, it could take years of experience to master depending on the industry.

Some of the major challenges of today’s supply chain are the lack of transparency and visibility throughout the product’s lifecycle. While there are many solutions out there, they mostly focus on a singular aspect of the supply chain. These solutions are siloed and disconnected, leading to compromised data and manual processes.  As a result, businesses cannot bring their supply chains into the 21st century for a stronger and data-backed go-to-market strategy.

Our Founder, Suuchi Ramesh, recognized this information black hole, and that’s how the Suuchi GRID came to life. The Suuchi Grid provides connectivity, visibility, and, more importantly, allows for real-time data to be consumed by all parties involved while delivering a single version of the truth. Whether you are a business managing incoming products or factory managing orders and processes across the production floor, the GRID allows companies to streamline their operations for increased net revenue. Additionally, intuitive reporting and data management allows for increased compliance, sustainability, and efficiency.

In today’s world, access to real-time information and collaboration in a single platform is not a luxury but rather a necessity for any sustainable supply chain strategy.

Written by Victor Cortes

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