Digitization is not a Luxury, it’s a Necessity

Before this pandemic occurred, many companies operated and managed their supply chains using antiquated methods, such as spreadsheets and emails. COVID-19 has put every supply chain to the test and has had a tremendous impact on the demand for non-essential goods. Still, as businesses and organizations open their doors again, they need to have a digital solution throughout their supply chain if they want to succeed in the new normal.

Transparency has never been so important, and without a tech-first approach, we’re likely to see more businesses struggle and fall victim to fragmented decision-making due to a lack of visibility across the entire supply chain. In our State of the Market white paper, we discuss key trends that we see within the supply chain and how businesses can survive the new normal that will demand a digital transformation.

47% of retailers have highlighted supply chain digitization as one of their top three organizational priorities, yet only a fraction have taken action.

Explore a path that leads to smarter decision-making, end-to-end transparency, and a digital solution to enable your business to become a multi-generation organization. Don’t let the impact of this pandemic be the defining factor for your organization.

Download our FREE white paper and learn how COVID-19 has fundamentally changed supply chain management and the steps that you need to take to not only survive but thrive in the new normal.

Learn how the Suuchi GRID can be your digital backbone post-COVID-19

Written by Emanuel Mercapidez


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