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A few weeks ago, the Associated Press reported that an American sportswear company was manufacturing their products in a Chinese detainment center. The people working at this detainment center were forced to give up their religion and language and were paid either nothing or barely above the minimum wage. This is just one example of hundreds — if not thousands — of manufacturers that mistreat their employees.


These are grave violations of human rights.


Many manufacturers severely abuse their employees and disregard their rights as human beings. Forcing employees to give up their religion, language, and basic needs in order to have job security should already be a thing of the past. Mistreating employees does not result in anything except employees who are severely untrusting, overworked and producing subpar products due to the nature of their work environment.


While the appeal of cheaper production drawing companies to these types of manufacturers, an immediate cost reduction should not outweigh knowing that the people making your products are being extremely mistreated. By giving your business to these companies, you are directly supporting this behavior. Instead of your money going towards manufacturers who are actively working towards creating healthier, safer and sustainable work environments for manufacturing employees.


What manufacturers (and the companies who use them) ultimately need to realize is that their employees are the backbone of their entire company. If you are forcing your employees to work in an environment that is detrimental to their health and wellbeing, you’re going to receive products that reflect that lack of support. Your employees are not going to want or be able to do create the type of quality outcomes that both the manufacturer and company are looking for.


At Suuchi Inc., we are committed to creating the best work environment for our employees. We are constantly evolving to ensure that every member of our team is in an environment that fosters their growth and wellbeing. Each employee knows that their individuality and rights are respected and they don’t have to fear that they will ever be forced to give that up for their job.


Through this, we have been able to create a team that is dedicated not only to the company’s mission but to providing our clients with the highest quality products. Our employees take pride in their work and it shows in the final outcome. Our clients can also proudly say that they know who created their products and that they were created in an environment where the employees are treated as they should be.


As you and your brand or company move forward, you have the choice to choose a manufacturer who you know is going to treat the people creating your product the right way or who will cut corners on their employees’ human rights. What will you choose?

Partner with a manufacturer who puts their employees and clients first.


Written by Lizzie Sessa


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