How State-of-the-Art PLM Platforms Are Helping the Fashion Industry Be More Hyper-Responsive

As the fashion industry continues to fight the negative impact brought on by COVID-19, some of the most prominent players are coming up with Product Lifecycle Management best practices developed to help fashion businesses meet new challenges head-on. New PLM software solutions are not only offering to make it easier for companies to facilitate remote meetings and enable digital work but also giving fashion businesses space to adopt new practices that could change how they work. 

Created with the Future in Mind

There is no denying that the need for tailor-made PLM solutions designed to support fast-moving consumer industries, like the fashion industry, is high in demand. The good news is that companies, like C-DESIGN PLM, are coming up with solutions specifically designed to respond to the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. Driven by the need to make sure that their customers remain operational, C-DESIGN PLM decided to react quickly and develop a version of its PLM system capable of solving some of the problems being faced by the fashion industry and apparel manufacturers today. “We reacted quickly and developed a version of our turnkey PLM designed to allow brands and manufacturers to work remotely in just a few days,” shared the C-DESIGN PLM team.

Dedicated to the fashion industry, the Paris based business has made it possible for the fashion industry and manufacturers to centralize all product data into a single, easy-to-use, online solution. Their market-driven technology helps people work together, collaborate, and get the data they need in real-time, wherever they are in the world. 

With 20 years of experience and research in digital innovation under their belt, the new version of their turnkey PLM platform allows fashion businesses to facilitate digital work, implement remote collaboration and thus maintain visibility and a typical workflow. “We have created a version of a PLM platform that is extremely quick to implement and meets the urgent needs of companies in the fashion industry,” explained C-DESIGN.

As the C-DESIGN team continues to work with both established and new fashion companies Patrick Abbou, CEO of C-DESIGN, said in a recent statement: “C-DESIGN’s philosophy has always been to offer products that are simple and quick to use. Thanks to out-of-the-box configuration, this version of C-DESIGN PLM is a digital platform that can be deployed remotely and operational in a few days and not weeks or months as most PLM do.”

In addition to C-DESIGN, Suuchi Inc. has accelerated the roadmap of its proprietary software, the Suuchi GRID. Simple collaboration for remote workers across the globe is imperative to keep business operations running smoothly,, which is why the GRID serves as a central hub for communication and updates across the entire supply chain. With new features, such as a design studio to design CADs and tech packs, the GRID operates as an end-to-end solution for businesses across industries ready to make investments for a more durable supply chain during and post COVID-19.

In the face of market disruption, another PLM company that is coming up with COVID-19 proof solutions is Centric Software. The Silicon Valley-based company, known for accelerating product innovation and reducing time to market, provides enterprise solutions to fashion, luxury, retail, and footwear companies. Recently, the digital transformation platform company announced the launch of a series of online collaboration packages designed to get brands, retailers, and manufacturers working remotely. 

Ron Watson, VP of product at Centric Software, disclosed in a press release on the packages: “Our customers are looking for ways to stay operational while respecting health guidelines on social distancing, remote working, and travel.” Watson continues: “In response, we have created packages that enable remote work for sample & fit reviews, vendor collaboration, and buying sessions. These can be implemented in days so that businesses can be agile and proactive, gain critical oversight, and alter strategies quickly.” Created to cope with COVID-19 and empower collaboration correctly, Centric’s three PLM game-changing packages support three different stages of a company’s digital journey and are available now.

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Written by Muchaneta Kapfunde


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