How Suuchi Inc. is Staying Ahead of the Curve

The fashion industry has long been the straggler in our technological world. In a society that values innovation and speed, the designers and companies need to keep up with a growing demand for custom, high-quality pieces with the ability to deliver them at the same speed of Amazon.


While some companies have stepped up their game to meet this demand, there are just as many who have lagged to keep up. Many of the antiquated practices and norms that plagued the fashion industry for years still exist.


Many major fashion corporations have produced their products using cheap, outsourced labor in ways that do major damage to our environment. Other corporations have yet to address issues of racism and unintentional biases. While these issues should be a thing of the past, the fashion industry hesitates to do anything about them. Even though some designers have become aware of the pressing need for more awareness, few are taking the necessary steps to change.


Suuchi Inc. remains ahead of the curve of change and innovation.


Suuchi Inc. has not only brought manufacturing back to the United States, but launched the innovative Suuchi Grid. The Suuchi Grid puts the freedom and power back into the hands of our clients. With a fully digital shop floor, clients receive real-time updates throughout the entire production process. This technology allows a client to request changes, upload documents and leave comments directly on each piece in production.


Suuchi Inc. has also been able to create an eco-friendly, sustainable process by eliminating Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs). Instead, Suuchi uses a Minimum Purchase Order (Minimum PO) model. This allows designers to order only the inventory they require and focuses their money on all of the in-house services we can offer them.


As a woman-owned and mostly women-operated company, Succhi Inc. boasts a diverse (and growing) team. Suuchi Inc. has not only been able to create jobs in eclectic Hudson County, NJ, but employs people of dozens of nationalities and backgrounds. In an industry that struggles for equal representation for all, Succhi has been a trailblazer.


While some of the industry drags its feet to catch up with the times, Suuchi Inc. works towards staying ahead of the curve. This allows us to give our clients what they want quickly, sustainably and at the best quality that is achievable.


See all of the ways Suuchi Inc. is innovating the fashion industry and striving for a better tomorrow.


Written by Lizzie Sessa


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