How Virtual Reality is Shaping the Future of Fashion

Virtual reality technology is playing a huge part in shaping what the future of the fashion industry and retail will look like.


The beauty world has been exploring what technology can do to help innovate the landscape the industry. They have created and implemented technology to help consumers pick shades of makeup, hair colors and different looks that will look best on them. Stores like Sephora and MAC have implemented mirrors that allow shoppers to test makeup in real-time to see how the products would look from different angles and lighting. French beauty brand, Lancôme, has even come up with technology that scans consumers’ faces and creates their perfect, personalized foundation shade.


While the beauty world is using technology to reinvent the in-store shopping experience, the fashion world is bringing the store right into the customer’s home. Consumers are now able to view, try on and purchase garments from the comfort of their couch.


Virtual reality is providing consumers with the tools to never have to enter a mall or store again. Consumers are able to create a fully customized avatar with their exact measurements, physical attributes and even their personality. These avatars allow for consumers to try on garments, see exactly how they fit from different angles and purchase garments all at once. While many brands are open to the integration of VR into the shopping experience, there are brands of all sizes who are already doing it.


An Italian e-commerce platform, Yoox, allows consumers to customize the avatar and try on clothing and accessories. Yoox is also pioneering the use of artificial intelligence as a fashion designer. Closer to home, Gap has collaborated with Google and Avametric to create a digital dressing room. Customers can put in their measurements, browse through the Gap’s online stock and make purchases through the Gap’s app. Even Gucci is starting to embrace that VR is the future of retail. Gucci partnered with Genies as one of the brands that users can customize their avatars with. In the future, users will be able to purchase the clothing right within the app with one-click.


With apparel manufacturers embracing the powers of 3D printing technologies throughout the production process, it is only natural that retail incorporated the latest trends in technology. Brands who are able to keep up and implement this will now see more long-term success. They are providing more convenience and ease for their consumers, which will build a happier consumer base and in turn more brand loyalty. Not to mention, this will also reduce the impact the textile industry will have on the environment by reducing the amount of returns and excess product.


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Written by Lizzie Sessa


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