Incorporating Tech Throughout Your Supply Chain (2019 Success)

Everyone knows that technology is influential and has the ability to transform all industries. Many brands, particularly fashion brands, start implementing technology too late in the process, which ends up costing them in the long-run.

By integrating technology into the process, from product conception to delivery of the end-product, your brand will have full visibility of your supply chain every step of the way. This digital footprint allows your brand to have the ability to test your market before full scale production. You will have data to show for what worked, what didn’t work, and will be able to avoid costly mistakes before moving into production.

As your brands takes these initial steps to launching with the integration of technology, you’re also building an engaged audience through the social channels that your target audience engages with (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.). Listening to what your target consumers are talking about, liking, sharing, etc. will help your brand as you craft the perfect product for them. The market tends to dictate unless your product is something truly new and innovative and your customers just don’t know they need it yet. Through different marketing tactics, you will be able to establish a following of brand ambassadors to spread the word for you. Loyal influencers can help skyrocket your initial success.

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At Suuchi Inc., we have been able to help brands do just this through the use of the Suuchi GRID. We set up our clients with the GRID to track their entire supply chain to know exactly what is happening with their products and when. They can take this information to put together a business plan and making informed decisions for their upcoming product launch. Established companies can implement this kind of technology in order to boost margins and improve speed-to-market.

Here’s how we incorporate technology into your products:

Suuchi GRID on Android and iOS

Carry your shop floor right on your phone to ensure you’re always up-to-date with your product development and production runs. Real-time updates can truly make a different for your brand.

We are investing heavily into our technology …

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… and it’s paying off as we’ve recently closed our Series A funding! These funds allow us to focus on improving the technology to create an even better client experience.

Our hypothesis is that with simple processes and technology, we want to make it easier for brands of all sizes to start a business overnight. This industry moves slow on marrying technology with all stages, but it’s getting there. If you found value in what we discussed and want to learn how the Suuchi GRID can help your brand then feel free to email us at



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