How to Launch a Customer-Centered Brand

Creating a brand with Amazon-level convenience is imperative to the success of starting a brand in 2019. Amazon’s customer service and Prime capabilities have completely altered the expectations consumers have of brands. Here are the top things to keep in mind when launching your brand this year.


Your customer service is the bottom line.

If you can’t listen to customer feedback without an open mind, your company will never be able to grow. You are catering to your customers’ needs (more on this below) and if you aren’t adapting to their ever changing needs accordingly, they will find someone who can. Open yourself up to feedback and respond to it in  a way that doesn’t include pushing a sale.


Your products and/or services are the solution.

As mentioned above, your brand should be attentive to the needs of your customers’. If they are interested in your products and services, it’s because you are offering something that they need. Being able to adapt and change with your consumers’ needs and the trends within the market are imperative.


You waste no time in delivering on your products and/or services.

With Amazon Prime being able to deliver orders in 2 days or less, consumers are no longer willing to wait multiple days to receive purchases. They also run from the idea of having to pay for that convenience per order. If it going to take you two weeks to deliver on a purchase, consumers are never going to want to work with you. Ensuring that you are able to keep up with the speed-to-market within your industry will help build up your brand loyalty.


You’re two steps ahead of the trends.

If you’re already doing the aforementioned, this will come naturally in your business. If you are talking to your consumers on a regular basis, staying ahead of market trends, and staying on the cutting edge, you will automatically be ahead of the competition. You can also partner with other businesses who are there to assist you in staying ahead. Here at Suuchi Inc., through the use of the data gathered by our in-house PLM software, the Suuchi Grid, brands are able to see what styles sell the best and have continuous success.


Never be complacent with where you are.

Just because your customers are happy with you now, doesn’t guarantee that they will be in the future. You should constantly be brainstorming on finding creative ways to innovate your business and keep your consumers happy with the level of service you are providing them with.

Written by Lizzie Sessa

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