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Murphy’s Law is an adage that states, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” I came across this quote when I was a carefree teenager at 16 and was unable to make any sense of it. 2 years later, I failed in my high school final exams twice and inferred the wrong meaning, thinking that everything that could have gone wrong, actually did. It wasn’t my fault at all. Fast forward to the present day, a 24-year-old me with responsibilities finally understood what Edward Murphy, a US Air Force Major in 1940, was actually trying to tell the world.

2020 in the business world, has been a real juxtaposition, where the majority of businesses, governments, and professionals have faced immense hardships and tragedy. In this scenario, all that could have gone wrong eventually did. The flip side of the narrative is companies who are winning in “COVID-Times”; these are companies experiencing immense success or are on the verge of success despite these challenging times. These are not companies who are just managing to survive. These are companies that are thriving and growing irrespective of any macro- or microeconomic roadblock. This dichotomy is where the Murphy’s Law comes in the picture. The leaders of these companies were prepared and diligent to such a level that even a pandemic could not avert their organizational or product roadmap.

One such company is a place I call home. Suuchi Inc. consists of my favorite people in the world. Not just because we hang out and have fun, but because these people are some of the finest minds in technology, manufacturing, supply chain. I have been part of this company for about 10 months now, but it feels that it has been a few years easily. When I say that, people think I think that because I am part of just another fast-paced young company that is comparable to all the other young companies out there. That’s not the case. From Day 1, I have seen people at Suuchi show the company’s highest level of commitment. I have seen colleagues who missed key family events to finish the work they believed in, executives who went above and beyond to ensure that they inspire the leaders of tomorrow, and colleagues who upheld responsibility and accountability irrespective of good or bad days. No matter what scenario went wrong, this mentality allowed us to win every time.

On my 2nd day at Suuchi, the CEO taught me something invaluable – the importance of results – something no business school or university had effectively taught me previously. All strategies, corporate methodologies, business plans, and forecasting metrics are always created with one goal in mind – end results. 

That’s when I finally understood Murphy’s Law – that no matter how many things go wrong, we as individuals have to forecast, analyze, enrich our acumen, and indulge in due diligence to come out on the winning side, no matter what odds. In all honesty, 2020 and COVID is just one use-case, as life and the world will continue to throw curveballs at us. It’s up to us to either evolve and thrive or be left behind and die.

Individuals must perform due diligence to come out on the winning side.

Written by Anuj Mehta

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