Behind the Seams is Suuchi Inc.’s video series where we sit down with our brand to discuss their company’s journey, how our technology and manufacturing solutions have helped them along the way, and where they’re looking to take the company next. This week we are proud to feature Ben Workman, CEO & Founder of Jumper Maybach.

Jumper was inspired by the difficult times in Ben’s life that left him bullied and isolated from intolerant coworkers at his former job. After a spiritual enlightenment, Ben realized that he was presented with the opportunity to make a difference in the lives around him. Through his artistic persona, Jumper, Ben has set his mission to eradicate hate, bullying, and intolerance, through his paintings, accessories, and clothing.

On this episode, we discuss:

  • Ben’s journey of becoming Jumper Maybach
  • What inspired his paintings and fashion line
  • His process to find Suuchi as a partner
  • The benefits of the Suuchi GRID
  • What is next for the Jumper Maybach mission


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