Building a Brand That Adds Value – Michelle Muller | Suuchi Podcast #76


On today’s episode, Irina interviews Michelle Muller, the Co-Founder and CXO (Chief Experience Officer) at Little Spoon, a venture-backed, DTC child nutrition brand that’s growing very fast and impacting the lives of many parents around the nation. This interview shows how a company idea can spark at any time and how it’s up to you to take action to make it happen.

Michelle moved to New York City at 21 years old and landed a job in the real estate industry. During her time in real estate, she started her family, which by the time she had her second child and would spend hours upon hours each weekend making homemade baby formula, the idea sparked to create something that would give her back that time. This was the beginning stages of Little Spoon!

Throughout this interview, we learn about how she took that idea, started a hyper-local startup, found co-founders, raised capital, and has continued to scale the company at a rapid rate. During their first year alone, they sold over 1 million units of their branded products! We also learn about Little Spoon and their vision in creating organic and affordable food choices for the modern family.

Yes, we understand that this episode isn’t about fashion, but learning how an entrepreneur took an idea, took massive amounts of action, and built a company that challenged an industry that hasn’t changed in decades is something that we, as entrepreneurs, can learn valuable lessons from. With that said, we hope that you enjoy today’s interview and that it sparks new ideas or reassures you that you can turn your ideas into reality.


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