Magazine Editor to Mompreneur – Jasmine Snow | Suuchi Podcast #73


On today’s episode, Irina sits down with Jasmine Snow, a fashion expert and blogger who also created her own brand called “The black bib.” In addition to being the name of her blog, it is also a trendy black leather bib for kids she created. It’s the baby of equivalent of a staple black leather jacket. Jasmine started her career in magazines and was an editor at Seventeen Magazine right out of school. Being that it was a small team, she ended up taking on a lot of responsibilities and was able to learn a lot from it.

By the time she left, she had a grand resume of things that she could do but all at one company. She wanted to experience different areas of the fashion industry, so she decided to go in house to a brand and worked for Tommy Hilfiger. She quickly realized this wasn’t for her and decided she needed something different. This came at a time when she had her first child.

Her life changed dramatically and she came to some realizations – the way she was shopping for her daughter was similar to what she did for herself – she was looking for personalized, custom items that matched her style and aesthetic. She started toying with the idea of making something on her own. Nothing came of it until a colleague from Seventeen reached out to her and helped push her to just go for it. She always found it hard to find items in black for a baby and she came up with the idea of the black leather bib. She wanted it to be the go-to item for a trendy parent who wanted a fashion forward look for her baby. In addition to the product, she wanted to create a brand and platform for herself.

She spent a year creating content for her site, which includes great information on lifestyle, motherhood and style, in addition to being the place where you can purchase the black leather bib! Entrepreneurship wasn’t easy for Jasmine. She had to learn a ton of new skills to get up and running and it took up almost all the limited free time she had in addition to being a mom and wife.

One of the tips she found that helped her manage her time was setting time limits for all items on her to-do list. She then timed herself and almost made it like a game to beat the time allocated. What we can expect to see from Jasmine in the future is potential partnerships with products she curates and a more steady gig with a network to do more onscreen appearances.

Check out Jasmine’s blog site and the black leather bib at: IG: @theblackbib


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