Nothing can stop us if we remain calm, aware & focused | #SuuchiStrong

I am lucky to have 20+ years of experience in global apparel sourcing, production, operations, and business acumen to share with the Suuchi team. I have managed many departments from design through production, including the delivery of product DTC. 

Throughout that time, I have seen the fashion & apparel industry change throughout the years with outdated, manual processes, and heavy software emerging to solve for supply chain issues. Due to the industry’s nature, many businesses are still behind the curve in adopting the right technology to scale their businesses to the next level—which has an increased impact during the COVID-19 crisis.

In this new era, every business, regardless of the industry, needed to find ways to adapt their business model and supply chain strategy to account for remote work, reduced in-office workforce, and employees needing time to adjust to a new work-life balance. With the Suuchi GRID as our backbone, our Suuchi family nearly seamlessly transitioned into this new normal with minimal disruption to collaboration across our internal and external partners. My motto with my team is, “Nothing can stop us if we remain calm, aware, and focused.” The GRID supported this philosophy and allowed me and my fellow team leaders to provide solutions across the company and delegate work.

Many business innovators have also witnessed the power of the GRID. The connectivity allowed many of our partners to see an increase in success and sales throughout the global pandemic. These results and the product roadmap keep me committed to our vision here at Suuchi. The GRID provides data analytics that allows businesses to streamline their entire supply chain with reduced operational overhead costs.

As we continue to operate in the new normal, businesses need to make the right investments and decisions to encourage long-term success. As you define what that means for your company, I leave you with one last piece of food for thought:

“It is not enough to do your best: you must KNOW what to do, and THEN do your best.”– W.Edwards Deming

Written by Ingrid Lacourt

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