Olistic the Label: Blending Sustainability with Fashion

Meet Camille Jaillant: ecopreneur, and the founder and creative director of Olistic The Label, a sustainable luxury brand.


Olistic The Label is redefining wedding and evening dresses, blending romantic silhouettes with a contemporary bohemian twist. Inspired by the earth, the collection is made using organic peace silk (GOTS certified), wood fibers (PEFC, FSC Certified), and upcycled leather. The brand aims at empowering women in India and preserving handmade embroideries in Portugal.


Creative and passionate about slow lifestyle, Camille is part of a growing community of sustainable fashion thinkers. She participated in the United Nations Assembly and the Alliance for Sustainable Fashion in Kenya, is a speaker for the International Labour Organizaiton, and a consultant for Zoi Environment. She is as committed to the environment as she is to slow fashion, as shown by her profile in French Vogue. Camille was recently in New York, where she was invited to speak and showcase her “When Fashion Meets Innovation” booth at Fashinnovation as well as showcasing her collection at New York Fashion Week. At Fashinnovation she shared the messages, “Let’s achieve the Sustainable Development Goals through coordinated action in the fashion sector; our health and that of our planet depends on it.” And, “There’s no fashion on a dead planet.”

Camille worked for prestigious brands, including Chloé, Louis Vuitton, and Prada in Paris and New York. Eventually, she decided she wanted to see firsthand where fashion source materials came from and to meet the manufacturers behind the products. She traveled to different places to look for traditional techniques and natural fibers. It was crucial for her to meet each person she would choose to work with.

She started in India and for four months she met with people who produced fabric and garments with high standards and paid their employees three times an actual living wage (far above the common minimum wage). She made the choice to source organic peace silk and support a local women’s community in India.

Through her journey, she realized the impact of the fashion industry on the earth and its people. Her travels changed the way she saw fashion. It was at this stage that Camille’s passion for creating a sustainable label that holds quality and integrity was born. Olistic The Label merges her experiences in luxury fashion and the values that hold closely to her lifestyle.

After a wedding or cocktail party, each of Olistic’s pieces can be altered to tees and tank tops or shortened to a cocktail length. Tees and tank tops can be worn with skirts and jeans for a brunch or an evening farm-to-table vibe—minimalist and intemporal pieces that you will keep for a long time!

Where to find Olistic The Label:

  • September 21, New York – Climate Summit supported by UNECE Forests for Fashion; exhibit work at the UN Fashion Alliance with three African models; and launch a new collection made with a blend of peace silk (also known as Ahimsa silk, “Ahimsa” meaning non-harming in Hindi) and Tencel™

  • September 26, France – Fashion Week and Circular Summit with Lablaco at Station F

  • October, Paris and Bordeaux – present the collection in showrooms and stores

Written by Taryn Hipwell


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