Planting 1 Billion Trees Through Fashion – Derrick Emsley | Suuchi Podcast #58

Okay, fellow brand-owners, on today’s episode, I sit down with Derrick Emsley, the CEO and one of the co-founders of tentree, a sustainable clothing brand and now technology company that is challenging the way brands can drive change by getting the consumers to get involved in new meaningful ways. tentree sells clothing, but their purpose isn’t to sell products… their true purpose and mission are to make an impact by planting trees. For every 1 product that a customer buys, they plant 10 trees. They even created a hardware component and software that allows them to track exactly where all of their trees are planted, which they then allow online customers to see how they’re making an impact just by purchasing tentree’s products.

They’re currently at nearly 35 million trees planted all around the world, they’ve created jobs for people in other countries, and they aim to plant 1 BILLION trees by 2030 and you know what, I think they’ll get their much sooner. Why? Because consumers are shifting away from companies that just sell products and they’re focusing on experiences with new brands that empower them to a particular cause that benefits society and/or the environment. Customers want to belong and when they find brands like tentree – that are making an impact and are building a large community of people that care about the environment – they become brand ambassadors and advocates for that community, cause, and brand.

tentree even has Instagram’s 4TH MOST POPULAR POST OF ALL-TIME, which created an experience where 15,000,000+ Instagram community members engaged with the post that resulted in millions of trees being planted!

There’s something interesting about that… something that you should examine further because if you understand this, you can begin to build a strong foundation for a brand that will champion the impact you want to make and will have a stronger likelihood of succeeding in 2020 and beyond.

Dive into this episode to learn their story and take action on your dreams! Keep crushing it, fellow hustlers.


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