SaaS for Fashion: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality Technologies

Did you know that Statista estimated that return deliveries would most likely cost $550 billion in 2020? 75.2% more than four years prior. Well, there is a solution that could make a significant impact in reducing returns, a SaaS platform for fashion retail called KiksAR. 

If you haven’t already discovered it, you will be excited to know that the Virtual Try-On (VTO) platform leverages technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR). They leverage these tools to tackle the logistics nightmare that usually paints a bleak portrait for online retailers. Created by Kavita Jha to enhance consumer online shopping experience, KiksAR intersects four disciplines; AI, Gaming, 3D, and full-stack development, to deliver an immersive Virtual Tryon experience.  

For a one-time set-up payment plus a recurring monthly fee, Jha, together with her co-founder and team, will introduce you to a seamless real-time and markerless service designed to work across most platforms and devices. The Plug and Play SaaS platform delivers VTO offers solutions for eyewear, jewelry, makeup, and accessories. The SaaS for fashion solution also brags a feature that allows for the display of 3D content without prior knowledge of the user’s environment.

It’s All About Accurate Representation

Built on a B2B model, KiksAR will not only catalog digital twins of your SKUs but also generate an AR-tag, which, according to Jha, can be used in-house and by third-party digital commerce platforms. Available across all your digital channels, KiksAR’s Plug and Play experience is compatible with both Android and iPhone. The solution can also integrate with web applications.

Powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms, KiksAR’s appeal is that fashion businesses can augment their online eCommerce store. Converting product images into 3D, the VTO comes with a comprehensive platform that makes it easier for companies to manage end to end experience. As one of the early adopters of AR, when the technology was still relatively new, KiksAR promises to engage your customers with features by offering what they promise to be an unmatched experience. 

One feature that differentiates KiksAR from its competitors like Banuba, Modi-Face, YouCam, and Wannaby is its “millimeter accuracy.” It is a crucial advantage that allows the SaaS platform to provide comprehensive styling and Fitment advisory. The co-founder of the next generation AR/VR platform shared: “Our styling and fitment advisory with auto-contour for face and body shape and size detection is key. We have already filed three patents and are working towards filing another one.”  

When it comes to challenges that the Software as a Service startup has faced, Jha admits that finding product-market fit has been the hardest. On the effects of COVID-19 on the business, Jha admitted KiksAR had not suffered too much during the pandemic. Instead, the need to maintain social distancing has translated into good business for the India based company. Jha, a tech enthusiast, explained that because fashion businesses now need to run a contactless operation, there has been an increase in Virtual Try-On adoption. Admitting: “With people becoming increasingly wary of touching things, our contactless solutions saw a surge in demand.”

For those tempted to give Virtual Tryon a go, KiksAR, explains on their website, that businesses can do so in 3 simple steps. First, you will need to upload your product catalog along with images. Once you have done that, KiksAR will create 3D models using Dynamic Product Assembler. Once done, you can verify the Virtual Try-On by experiencing your products the same way your customers will experience them. The next step would be to generate KiKs “AR Tag” for each of your SKUs on all your digital channels like your e-commerce store, mobile app, and even to third-party reseller sites.

Besides hosting immersive experiences, the innovative AR-commerce company plans to create the world’s largest 3D catalog cloud for Virtual Try-Ons. Leading the way in Virtual Try-On for fashion retail, KiksAR is helping e-commerce stores utilize the “try before you buy” immersive experience, so they can potentially eradicate high returns that have become the cost of doing fashion business.

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Written by Muchaneta Kapfunde


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