The Suuchi GRID – Andrew McKenna | Suuchi Podcast #65

Here at Suuchi Inc., our team consists of over 180 experts across the apparel, supply chain management, technology, and engineering industries. We ensure that all of our team members are committed to providing our clients with the best solutions and products with the industry expertise to back it up.

This week on The Suuchi Podcast, we are joined by our VP of Product, Andrew McKenna, to provide our listeners with some more insight into our proprietary software, the Suuchi GRID. Andrew has helped the GRID grow from assisting our brands to track their supply chains at a basic level to be able to track minute-by-minute changes, streamline communication across all supply chain participants, and run data analytics reports with a push of a button. The GRID is now able to be used at the factory floor level to create transparent, end-to-end visibility.

As our product, network, and client base continues to grow, we want to provide transparency into how Suuchi and the GRID are reinventing fashion supply chain management. Andrew covers:

  • Why he chose to pivot from fintech and join Suuchi
  • What is the Suuchi GRID?
  • How does the GRID provide solutions for manufacturers, retailers, and brands?
  • What is the difference between the GRID and ERPs or PLMs?
  • How do brands leverage our network of 400+ manufacturers and mills?
  • The user journeys of manufacturers, retailers, and brands
  • What is on the roadmap for the GRID in 2020?


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