The GRID: Next Generation PIM Solution

Spreadsheets and email threads and project management tools, OH MY… While these terms may sound fun and familiar, emerging brands are starting to embrace more modern approaches like the GRID to effectively manage their supply chain and scale their brand to the moon.

Product information management inside the GRID

This component of the GRID allows users to manage the entire product lifecycle from ideation to distribution leading to a more streamlined supply chain operation.  Users have visibility into assignments and statuses of each task/subtask along the product lifecycle.  As a product moves from idea to production, the history and all underlying content is created, stored, and then able to be collaborated upon.  Realtime WIP reporting capabilities track deviations across projects so users can address disruptions across projects.  Change management capabilities help stakeholders understand what to prioritize and  establish project initiatives in real time.  Asset management capabilities allow users to comment directly on any file in the system, providing stage specific detail/feedback across files stored within the GRID.  

Impact: Improved margins & speed-to-market by avoiding supply chain disruptions

The GRID vs basic project management tools

While both have project management and collaboration capabilities, the GRID is an effective product information management system. Before the GRID’s inception, brands track and maintain products and projects across various email threads and master spreadsheets. The GRID allows brands to connect otherwise systems, track projects, collaborate with team members and vendors, AND house all of their product information (attributes, SKUs, etc.) all from one source of truth.


Connect fragmented, disjointed systems while introducing process automation to your supply chain.

Centralize communication/collaboration between you & your network, gain sentiment data across supply chain participants, & store all product/SKU information in one place.

Track products from conception to delivery with real time status updates & end-to-end supply chain transparency.

Analyze data & gain insights to make smarter business decisions to help increase your revenue & speed-to-market.

Written by-

Dillon Kollmer

Dillon is the Senior Director of Sales at Suuchi. He has a long professional history in emerging SaaS environments helping brands scale to their fullest potential through leveraging technology. Dillon enjoys working hand in hand with various departments of the organization to ensure client needs are met and supply chain goals are exceeded.

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