The Perfect Storm | Newsletter #5

We continue to persevere through the madness brought upon us by COVID-19. Another week has passed, and businesses are looking for ways to innovate to be able to stay afloat or finding ways to be able to manage an unprecedented surge in demand. There is a very steep difference between the two; however, we’re going to tackle how all businesses can find ways to reach new levels of connectivity within their supply chains to bring better service to their customers.

In this week’s email, we’ll be discussing the following:

  • How the Pandemic is the Perfect Storm for a Digital Transformation
  • Investing in Your Supply Chain When Your Competitors Are Scratching Their Heads
  • Is PPE the Latest Business Essential?
  • Podcast Episodes to Check Out this Week

We’re keeping it brief this week, but very tailored to how you can explore ways to improve your business. Enjoy the read and stay positive.

How the Pandemic is the Perfect Storm for a Digital Transformation

Businesses of all sizes have been impacted by the current pandemic, for better or worse. Some companies have seen record declines in sales, but industries, such as food and beverage, have seen a skyrocket in demand. No matter what end of the spectrum your business falls on, there are opportunities for you to make investments into your supply chain for the future through technology.

McKinsey has already reported that highly integrated supply chains are poised to be the most successful in a post-pandemic market. These reports mean that businesses should be identifying technologies that will better prepare them as we go into the “new normal”.

Under these unique set of circumstances, there is a level playing field between you and your competition. While all businesses in your industry have felt an impact, the real differentiator will be what companies will utilize this time to invest and be ahead of the curve.​

Investing In Your Supply Chain When Your Competitors Are Scratching Their Heads

Why invest in the middle of a pandemic? A digital supply chain will allow you to track real-time changes, such as timeline changes, new feedback on each stage, and easily communicate with supply chain participants no matter where they are in the world. With a collaborative and streamlined workflow, your company will have access to invaluable data as your operations stabilize or if outside factors (like COVID-19) may arise. A single digital source of truth gives your business the competitive edge to stay nimble through data-driven decisions now and for years to come. The Suuchi GRID can give you all of this and much more.

Preserve what you can preserve right now, but invest in what’s important. You’ll win if you have a connected and diversified supply chain that can pivot according to your needs. To learn more about how the GRID can be a valuable tool to digitize your supply chain, click the link below to schedule a consultation and demo with one of our team members.

EXPLORE: Learn About the Suuchi GRID

Watch Suuchi GRID Demo

Want a quick preview of the GRID? Check out our free mobile demo below that showcases how the GRID has been used in the fashion industry to digitize the process. Not in fashion and still want to learn more about the GRID? No problem! Our kickass Engineering team built the GRID to be category agnostic allowing any company to receive full benefits of the GRID.

Watch Suuchi GRID demo

Is PPE the Latest Business Essential?

We are two months into fighting this war against this invisible enemy, and while there has been some progress, there’s still more to be done. To do our part in this fight, we leveraged the capabilities of our existing network of hundreds of mills and factories and expanded globally to help eliminate COVID-19 through sourcing and producing PPE. Since we started on this initiative, we have been able to equip healthcare agencies, employers, brands, and government agencies with millions of units to date.

As your organization has likely been impacted, we’d like to pose the following questions:

  • Has part of your current supply chain been halted?
  • Are you holding back production or developing a new style because of the shift in consumer demand?
  • What will your next move be?

With the Federal Government now requiring all Americans to wear masks or face coverings, this is the time to explore producing PPE to meet an essential need for your consumer base. You could even consider offering online incentives where you include a branded mask on the purchase of your non-essential product(s). Whatever your offering may be, it’s important to remember that PPE will be part of the “new normal,” and this could be the time to jump ahead of your competition as an early adopter.

Click below to learn more about our PPE production solution through our platform, the Suuchi GRID.

EXPLORE: Learn More About Our PPE Solution

Direct Access to the Suuchi PPE Catalog

For those of you interested in PPE, but you don’t know where to get started, check out our PPE catalog and explore the different products we produce. Our network has been able to produce and source over 100 million units of PPE goods since March! Whether you need certified goods or civil masks, our platform can provide your business with PPE for the months to come.

View PPE Catalog

Podcast Episodes to Check Out this Week

The Suuchi Podcast is our ongoing weekly series where we interview entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and decision-makers to learn their stories of how they got to where they are today. Just by listening to someone’s story and hearing how they faced a certain challenge and eventually overcame it could save you time and money!

LISTEN: Find all of our episodes on your favorite podcast app or Podbean!

From $100M to Bankrupt to $100M – David Meltzer’s Story | Suuchi Podcast #083

In this episode, our Co-Host, Emanuel Mercapidez, talks 1-on-1 with David Meltzer, the Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing to learn how he went from being worth over $100M by the age of 35, to losing it all, filing bankruptcy, and making it all back again through a combination of massive amounts of efficient action, focus, and a transformative spiritual journey that helped him better understand his priorities.

We also talk about how this pandemic is an opportunity, almost like a do-over, to really look at everything at hand and accelerate and grow at a much more rapid and positive pace. We discuss how to analyze yourself, find your strengths and weaknesses, and really be able to go all-in on your passions.

This episode is one of our shorter interviews being that David only had 30 minutes, but we used the hell of out that half hour. If you’re in a tight spot right now, check out this episode because maybe something that David says during this interview will spark that next move that you need to make in order to evolve your business.

Listen now

Clothing Doesn’t Discriminate – Whitney Cathcart | Suuchi Podcast #082

In this episode, our Co-Host Irina interviews Whitney Cathcart, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at 3DLOOK. 3DLOOK is a software company that uses body data to deliver hyper-personalized shopping experiences to consumers to help them find clothing that fits when online shopping.

Before 3DLOOK, Whitney spent almost 30 years in the business side of fashion in various roles and companies. 3DLOOK was a life long dream so when the opportunity arose 4 years ago to be part of this startup she jumped on it. Whitney was excited to take an industry she was passionate about and bring it into the future. She had been witnessing a change in commerce and social commerce; people were using their phones to shop and everything was just moving towards mobile and online. Whitney wanted to be part of a future that took an analog industry into the digital world she was seeing around her.

Embracing technology today is more important than ever for brands and retailers. Consumers are buying too many different sizes and brands need to deal with the returns which will now be higher than ever as online shopping is higher than ever before. An increase in return rates are detrimental to inventory and the environment. Using technology to create a better user experience can help the business succeed over the long term.

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