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Première Vision, which took place this week in Paris, houses The Wearable Lab, an initiative launched by the tradeshow to support the future of fashion and technology. Partnering up with Federation De La Haute Couture et De La Mode, Première Vision Paris is committed to being part of the global transformation of the fashion industry.


Transforming The Fashion Sector

Building on its mission to decode future trends, The Wearable Lab, which launched February 2017, is an annual space – held at the February edition of Première Vision Paris –  that showcases various Fashion Tech players. Dedicated to bringing creativity and technology to the forefront of fashion, Gilles Lasbordes, General Manager of Première Vision said, “The aesthetics and functionality of clothing and accessories are evolving with the arrival on the market of new materials and the integration of electronic elements into the heart of textiles. All this multiplies the possibilities and raises questions about the role of clothing.”


From different technologies to mind blowing materials, the Wearable Lab is harmonizing low tech, mid-tech and high tech to foster innovation that examines uncharted territories. This season,  I was excited to personally explore the fashion tech potential from startups, designers, fashion brands and manufacturers. Presenting their expertise at the textile event, there were five future material brands stood out for me, they were:


Kyorene Graphene Fiber and Yarn

Taking textiles to the next level, Kyorene Graphene Fiber and Yarn what makes them stand out was that their yarn is made using graphene oxide and offers a full range of antibacterial, anti-UV, thermal regulation and anti-insect properties.


Dropel Fabrics

Presenting high-performance natural materials, Dropel Fabrics has been making a significant step in the eco-conscious fashion space for a while now.  This season, the NY based brand was offering natural, breathable and water repellent textiles through the scientific exploitation of sustainable fibres.

Cry by JRC Reflex

Determined to make a small revolution in the textile industry, I found myself drawn to Cry by JRC Reflex’s circular induction reflective yarn that can be used for knitting, weaving and embroidery machines.



Smart fabrics by Pyrates was created with plants and algae. Developed in Italy, Pyrates Pyratex textiles have been designed to protect the skin from pollution and promote cell regeneration and circulation. Natural and sustainable, Pyrate’s functional textiles have the kind of benefits that are not only consumer friendly but will also be of service to sustainable fashion.



Putting the shine in fashion, Unitex have developed an innovative luminous textile made from optical fibres.  Specialising in textiles for haute couture, they have successfully combined the delicacy of traditional fabrics with new technologies.


Aiming to present an international selection of materials, products and services the great thing about the Wearable Lab is its focus on R&D, smart materials and innovative technologies. Dedicated to a fashion and technology theme, the Wearable Lab is becoming a great source of experiment for the fashion industry.

Written by Muchaneta Kapfunde


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