What’s Next for Suuchi Inc.?

Suuchi Inc. has based its entire mission in continuously innovating fashion manufacturing through our use of technology. While we have already disrupted the industry in a major way, we have no plans of stopping anytime soon.


In just 27 months, we have seen an exponential growth that manufacturing hasn’t experienced in decades. We have grown from 0 to over 130 employees, taken on clients of all sizes, and created and integrated our proprietary technology into our main warehouse and network of over 30 microfactories.


And we plan to keep expanding on that growth.


In order to continue to grow with our clients, Suuchi Inc. is moving just a few minutes away to a new location in Kearny, NJ. Located in the heart of Hudson County, our new home at Kearny Point will house our current staff and welcome 500 more employees.


Through the continued education of the residents in our community and partnership with local universities, we plan to not only add to our corporate team, but to our manufacturing team, as well.


In the words of our founder and CEO, Suuchi Ramesh, we want to “make sewing a sexy job”. Through automation and integration of our proprietary technology into our machines, our sewers are not only learning how to sew, but advanced manufacturing skills, as well.



Additionally, our continued growth gives us more resources to continue on our mission to democratize fashion. We have already started doing this through the launch of our Starter and White-Label Packages which gives all designers the tools and education they need in order to launch a successful brand.


In order to service all of our emerging and established designers, we plan to expand our existing network of microfactories to more locations across the US and our location in New Jersey to serve as our headquarters.


With locations nationwide, our already hyper-quick speed-to-market would become even faster. For our clients, this means that they can service the demands of their customers in almost real-time instead of having to predict the trends months ahead of time.


As the fashion industry continues to evolve, Suuchi Inc. is prepared to evolve with it.


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Written by Lizzie Sessa


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