Why Boutique Owners Should Start their own Line

Running a boutique requires a keen eye to all of the trends in the fashion industry and the trends that resonate with your customers.


What happens when designers aren’t creating the styles that reflects what resonates with your audience and, ultimately, doesn’t make you money? You create your own clothing line.


Rest assured, this only seems like a daunting task.


Let’s start from the beginning. If you already own a boutique, you’re one step ahead of the game—not only do you have extensive knowledge of the industry, but you already have customers and know exactly what products they’re going to buy. Most start-up brands are required to start from scratch to find an audience and have to test what pieces get the most attention.


On top of this, as a business owner, you already have the entrepreneurial spirit and background that is necessary to build a successful brand. You didn’t reach your goals through coincidence; you put in the blood, sweat and tears to make your dreams a reality. Creating a brand requires that same dedication and you already know you have what it takes to make it happen.


Once you overcome these initial hesitations, the next step is to begin designing the pieces that you want to bring to life. Even if you need help to get this done, there are hundreds of freelance designers and even some manufacturers who can help you through this step. Whether you design them yourself or collaborate with someone else, this is where you and your brand shine through in every piece you create!


Before you can begin the production of your line, there are a few more steps you’ll need to take. Now that you have a rendering of your visions, you’re going to need to find a manufacturer that you want to work with. Once you’ve locked down a manufacturer, you’ll need to create Tech Packs and CADs for your designs, followed by the patterns and then, finally, the first samples of your designs.


From here, you can work with your manufacturer to tweak the samples to make sure that your pieces are exactly the way you imagined them to be. When your samples are perfect, your pieces can move on to the production phase! Now that you have your pieces ready to go, you can show your customers what you have been working so diligently at.


Since you have created an exclusive brand that is dedicated to the exact styles of your consumers, gone are the days of hunting to find the brands that are the best fits for your customers. So, what are you waiting for? Go and innovate the fashion world with your exclusive line!


Let Suuchi Inc. help you create the line that reflects your brand.

Written by Lizzie Sessa


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