Why Fashion Brands Need to Incorporate Augmented Reality

As the landscape of what traditional retail experiences look like, augmented reality (AR) is now an emerging trend that will continue to evolve consumer experience. AR continues to blur the lines of where “real” life and virtual life differ. In recent years, apps like Pokemon Go have brought AR to the forefront of people’s minds.


Now, the fashion world is capitalizing on augmented reality to reach new levels of audiences. The latest integration was when HoloMe presented a limited run fashion show from collections created by London College of Fashion graduates. This allowed users to view an early showing of the fashion show directly from their smartphone as if they were actually attending.


While AR is still in the early stages for the fashion industry, it is rapidly becoming the standards for what consumers are expecting. As technology continues to connect people from across the globe, this will allow for brands to reach consumers who would have never found these products on their own. Companies who take the leap to open up their brand to larger audiences are organically going to create more buzz as an innovative brand. In such a saturated industry, brands need to be able to capitalize on anything that can set them apart from their brand.


As AR increases the brand awareness across audiences, it also has the ability to increase conversion rates. One of the biggest struggles with online shopping is knowing whether or not the garment will actually look and fit the way it does in the photo. Through AR clients can see the look and fit of a garment in real time and instantly know how whether or not that they would want to purchase. This coupled with VR, where clients can try on the garments with their avatar, and be able to make more meaningful purchases which will also decrease the amount of returns.


Suuchi Inc. is now powering our clients with 3D and VR technologies for our clients throughout the design process. We are able to create 3D sketches that once approved reduce the time it takes to create flat variations of the designs. These assets can then also be viewed on VR avatars for our clients to see exactly how the garments would fit on their clients. On top of these services, we are always actively working to provide our clients with the most cutting-edge technologies to differentiate their brands.


As fashion continues to evolve, brands need to continue looking to the latest technological trends (and find partners who can keep up) in order to stay ahead of the curve.


Written by Lizzie Sessa


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