Why you Need to Work with a Young Manufacturer

Many companies are often fearful of partnering and trusting their brand with a young, expanding manufacturer. While it is understandable that there would be some hesitation to partner with a startup, the truth is that working with a rapidly growing manufacturer is the best choice that you could make for your company. Whatever negatives you perceive there might be are heavily outweighed by the positives.


1. Hyper-focused attention.


When you partner with a growing manufacturer, you will be able to have more attention focused on your projects. You’ll have direct access to the people who are working on your project and know that they are fully committed to ensuring that your products will be perfect.


2. You’ll be working with those on the cutting edge.


Any startup knows that in order to beat out their competition that they have to offer something that is going to disrupt their industry. A young manufacturer that is showing consistent growth is going to have innovated the industry in a way that makes them more efficient and provides their clients with the better products than the competition. You’ll know (and be able to boast) that your products are made at the highest-quality with the best machinery and advanced technology.


3. Better deals.


With the cutting edge comes better deals. With the transformation of the manufacturing industry, comes the transformation of the pricing. While the initial investments could still be around the same, over time you will find that the prices of these growing manufacturers will be way better than that of their larger competitors.


4. You’ll receive advice from multiple perspectives.


Young companies are always chock-full of employees who have had success across multiple industries. This allows them to have a fuller look at the grand scope of your project. Whether it be by helping with what fabrics you should use, providing design advice to create the best garment or marketing tips for your brand. Not only are these employees excited and willing to help, it’ll help create long-lasting partnerships.


5. You’re boosting the economy.


By giving your business to a growing manufacturer, you are helping them create jobs within their local areas. They are then able to train, certify and employ tens of hundreds of people where they’re located. This helps create a new generation of employees who are able to take these advanced manufacturing skills to provide for themselves and their families. Not to mention, they will also be trained to specifically your products and will provide you with the highest quality product every time.


Grow your brand with a manufacturer who has grown their business 30x each month.


Written by Lizzie Sessa


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