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Learn how Crimson Heart Maternity partnered with Suuchi to scale her brand to the next level. Watch X Marks the Spot now.

In our latest series, X Marks the Spot, we are proud to highlight our brands that are utilizing SuuchiX to launch and scale their company. This week we have Diane Merkovsky, CEO & Founder of Crimson Hearts Maternity. Crimson Hearts Maternity is dedicated to making life easier for new moms and their babies without sacrificing functionality and style. The brand offers a line of nursing bras and infant clothing to “put the ‘fun’ in functional”.

In her interview, Diane discusses:

  • What Crimson Hearts Maternity represents
  • How she came up with the idea to launch a maternity line
  • Why she chose Suuchi to help launch her brand
  • How Suuchi’s full suite of solutions will assist her as she scales to the next level
  • Why white-label is the best first step for Crimson Hearts Maternity


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