Supply Chain Tips for Emerging Apparel Brands

Suuchi Inc. is dedicated to democratizing the fashion industry for all entrepreneurs to have a seat at the table. Through our full suite of solutions, we can assist brands across the entire supply chain from conception to shipment.

In this week’s episode of The Suuchi Podcast, we have our Senior Manager of PR & Communications, Lizzie Sessa, to discuss the challenges emerging brands face. During her time at Suuchi, Lizzie has spoken with thousands of apparel brands of every size to discuss their needs and challenges they face. Lizzie and Emanuel cover each step of the development process along with the various options brands have whether they’re looking to launch or to expand their lines. For brands who are just starting, Lizzie offered 3 pieces of advice:

1 ) Build out your business plan

Launching a line for the sake of launching a line without any business foundation will most likely mean you’ll be playing catch up as opposed to being ahead of the curve. Even to just understand what market segment you’re catering to allows you to truly understand the types of products, turnaround times, and qualities you’ll need to succeed.

2 ) Learn the industry

While you will not become a subject matter expertise overnight, understanding the product development process will allow you to work seamlessly with all of your production partners. With great resources, such as our most recent webinar, at your fingertips, you’ll have some knowledge to know what the expectations are for yourself and anyone working on your line.

3 ) Don’t feel trapped as a solo-preneur

Especially at Suuchi, we work with hundreds of startup brands every single day. When you sign on to work with us, or any of the partners that fit your needs, you are teaming up with a group of people who are happy to help you learn the process and navigate any hurdles. Once you have partnered with the right team, you will have that support group to guide you through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.


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