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I am often asked questions concerning my work-life balance at Suuchi Inc. by peers, friends, and family relatives. Whether you’re out socializing or even out for a couple of drinks, people seem obsessed with “Work-Life Balance” and continuously bring the topic in the mix for discussion. Now in COVID times, the lines between work and life have especially been blurred, leading to keyboard warriors and bloggers discussing and coaching people on what is right. I firmly believe that time away from work is essential, but to delude ourselves into thinking that extra time spent into work is not personal is lying to yourself.

Work-life balance is a mirage, and worse is this notion of work-life integration or blend. Your work has to be the fuel that drives your passion and commitment on a daily basis. I absolutely adore my family at Suuchi, who unconditionally give their all each day to achieve a common goal. When you are motivated and inspired by the vision and mission, things such as work-life balance turn into background noise. The work each employee does cannot always be quantified to organizational results. It has an effect on personal learning that allows each one of us to be a better version of ourselves and not be complacent. If we don’t personally evolve on a human level today, we will professionally be left behind tomorrow.

Every day, I log into our virtual chatrooms at Suuchi, and I am grateful for the fact that I share a room with one of the finest minds in technology, manufacturing, and supply chain. People who give their very best each day and challenge themselves so that they take this company to newer heights. Their work stretches to people management as well. Leaders in this company train their subordinates to be leaders of tomorrow, and not just to ensure that their work is done. I put in extra hours as I believe in the work we are doing and ensure when tomorrow comes, and I stand my ground no matter the new challenges and circumstances. This time is not hours spent on work, or my work disrupting my personal life; this is my life, and I am playing my part so that tomorrow, we all win.

Ultimately, we all have to choose what we term as Life or Work. You can keep changing your choices as life changes. It’s not a life sentence, and it’s less about sacrificing one for the other and more about prioritizing.

My life flow leads me.

How do you lead your life?

Written by Shikha Singh

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