What Consumers Gain from Sustainable Options

“I like to support my friends who are designing in responsible ways by either buying their samples or pre-ordering a garment to help reduce waste. I also like to buy second hand if it is a piece I know I will cherish.” —Nicholas J. Brown, How to Shop for Shi(f)t

The mission of Beyond the Label (BtL) is to shift consumer shopping habits in a sustainable direction. Proactive BtL team member Nicholas J. Brown, who has worked in traditional fashion in New York and Los Angeles, and is the newly appointed West Coast regional contact for Fashion Revolution US. He lent his encyclopedic knowledge of fashion to select better brands in, HOW TO SHOP FOR SHI(F)T (available now on Kindle & Amazon in Spring 2019).

Taryn: What do you think is possible for shoppers that read How to Shop for Shi(f)t?

Nicholas: I think any light bulb moments that will be sparked from reading How to Shop for Shi(f)t could produce multiple positive ripple effects—whether the light bulb moment is “I will think twice before buying virgin (petroleum-based) synthetics” or “I will wear my clothes a few times before washing them” or “When I can no longer wear my clothes, there are ways to responsibly reuse and recycle them as opposed to throwing them in the trash.”

T: Which expert in How to Shop for Shi(f}t do you feel is really making shift happen?

N: Tamsin Lejeune is one of my personal heroes. She’s been a pioneer in this space for quite some time. She started Ethical Fashion Forum in 2006 to transform the environmental and social standards of the fashion industry. She has recently launched Common Objective, which has the potential to greatly influence the industry by making it easier for fashion companies to build successful businesses with a positive impact for people and the environment.

T: Why are Beyond the Label events and event partnerships so important in helping to promote the #MakeShiftHappen movement?

N: Hosting events, I find to be the best way to connect with local communities to create awareness. Sharing stories and resources (including the guidebook) face-to-face is incredibly powerful and allows the community to engage and bond. This strengthened community is then able to work together to build momentum and tackle larger issues more efficiently.

Written by Taryn Hipwell


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