What’s Next for Businesses During COVID-19?

As we continue to persevere through this pandemic, we’ve faced plenty of obstacles, but have also seen new opportunities arise for business to explore. With all of the wild shifts in the market, supply chains have been barely able to keep up. For companies that are looking ahead, they are leveraging these changes as the jumping board to accelerate their product roadmap. By taking these leaps, companies are making changes that will create long-term brand value and have a stronger company post-pandemic.

When you think about how you can begin to innovate and provide more profound value as a company, what are those key questions that you should be asking yourself? A few questions that leaders should consider during this pandemic are:

How can we expand our offering to include some protective equipment for our staff and customers?

It is now the responsibility for businesses across the globe to have protective gear not just for their employees, but their customers as well. Personal protective equipment (PPE) will provide much-needed protection for your staff and customers to ensure your business can get back up and running at physical locations. Being prepared when it comes to this need will not only protect those groups but will also create long-term brand value because it shows that you care enough to invest in all of your company’s stakeholders. They’re not just a number to you, and that will be remembered and appreciated.

You can also add PPE as a product offering for your customers online and within any physical storefronts as they reopen. PPE is going to be a requirement for months, if not years, to come. Whether you offer disposable options or branded reusable gear, these items can come as a free item with a purchase or purchased as a standalone product.

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How can we implement new technologies throughout our processes to strengthen our supply chain for short- and long-term success?

Having a digital supply chain is no longer an option. The COVID pandemic has brought to light that technology is necessary throughout the supply chain. A reliable tech stack will provide you with much-needed support to move forward successfully. In such uncertain times, we need to focus on the areas that we can control and drive change, which right now is the current state of your supply chain.

While there are thousands of technologies available, our incredible team of engineers built the Suuchi GRID by leveraging real-life use cases for the most intuitive software. Our in-house R&D facility, served as “customer one” to engineer a product that was ready to track and manage every step of the product lifecycle. Companies and factories across industries can configure the GRID to their workflows and be on the path to a digital-driven future in as little as 30 minutes after onboarding.

For those of you that are currently exploring avenues for meaningful change that will provide you with a data-backed supply chain, we highly recommend you check out the GRID. We genuinely believe that it will allow you to innovate within your supply chain, which will have a lasting impact on your business during and post-Coronavirus.

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How can we expand our network of suppliers for a more nimble supply chain?

A nimble supply chain doesn’t stop at the product offering or the implementation of new technology. Thousands of organizations have felt the pressure, especially now, of relying on one geographic location for their sourcing and production needs. For countries and organizations to become more resilient moving forward, they’re going to need to diversify their network of partners to create a more nimble supply chain.

Due to the virus, social distancing, and huge spikes in demand, we’ve seen limited capacity at factories all around the world. Limited capacity has already caused significant delays in the supply chain for many organizations, which will continue to happen as more businesses start to reopen. With all of the orders sent to the same suppliers, companies will feel the effects of factories hitting max capacity.

By establishing multiple supply chain partners, businesses can pivot any new or urgent needs to vendors that can hit quicker turnaround times. Suuchi has spent the past four years building a managed network of partners across the globe through the GRID.

With us, you grow your network to support any product needs that you have. If your business is ready to expand its network of partners, our team is happy to walk you through how partnering with us can help you scale to the next level. They can help you explore how our network powered by the GRID can grow your supply chain portfolio, hold suppliers accountable, and gather valuable data from all of your engagements with each partner in your network.

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Written by Emanuel Mercapidez


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