Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe – Katya Libin | Suuchi Podcast #59


On today’s episode, Irina interviews Katya Libin, CEO and Co-Founder of HeyMama. HeyMama is a strong, national community for mothers in business. They provide resources, a vetted network, and support women need to succeed at home and in the office. Katya held various roles in corporate America before she became a mom. At that point, she reevaluated her career path. She wanted to work in an environment that supported her as a mother and was engaging end exciting enough to provide her reasons for which to leave her child and work. She discusses how career paths tend to veer when there is a pivotal change like when you become a parent, particularly a mother. Corporate America doesn’t do a good job of keeping moms in the workforce. Statistics show that 75% of mothers are excited to go back to work after maternity leave but 43% end up leaving their careers. HeyMama is also going into corporations to give them the resources they need to help support women as their needs and life demands change.

Katya and her co-founder, Amir Kibbler, set out to create a community for moms to help them navigate this and so many other issues they face as businesswomen. She talks about the early stages of building this business and how she dealt with a lot of naysayers when they began. Not everyone is going to get your vision and not everyone is going to understand – and that’s ok.

The network began as a free community but member applications were vetted (as they still are) to ensure they got the right kind of woman into the group. Through personal connections and word of mouth, this community has grown to over 2000 women nationally, including everyone from fashion designers to heads of major businesses and brands to entrepreneurs who demonstrate a collaborative spirit and understand the value of what this type of community can bring.

Visit HeyMama’s website to learn more about the brand, community, and get inspired to take action on your dreams!


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