Challenges & Solutions for 2020 – Stephen Rector | Suuchi Podcast #63

Suuchi Inc. is proud to partner with the top industry leaders to provide our clients with a full suite of solutions to scale their brand to the next level. Through our Channels program, we connect our brands with our expert partners to assist with brand development, marketing, drop-shipping, and more!


We are excited to have a podcast episode with one of our partners, Stephen Rector, of Bakertown Consulting. Before founding Bakertown, Stephen spent over 20 years in the apparel industry as a VP at Macy’s and the Head of Merchandising at rue21. While the podcast episode is only a small portion of a longer webinar coming out in January 2020, Stephen covers a host of topics with co-hosts Irina Kapetanakis and Emanuel Mercapidez. 


The podcast covers:

  • What challenges do legacy brands and retailers face compared to nimble, digitally-native brands?
  • Can pop up shops help revolutionize brick-n-mortar stores? What does the experience need to include for this to be successful?
  • How do emerging brands connect and form partnerships with enterprise brands? When is the right time to form these partnerships?
  • Who does Bakertown Consulting work with?
  • How do you identify the niche market you’re targeting?
  • How do you set realistic expectations for success in a competitive landscape?
  • How do brands identify how they differ from over 10,000 brands?
  • Why has the implementation of technology been such a challenge for the apparel industry?
  • What are the qualities of today’s brand owners?
  • How much of a focus should influencer marketing have in your business strategy?

Be sure to stay tuned for the full interview coming soon!

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