Vollebak, Taking Environmental Clothing To The Next Level

Clothing tech company Vollebak have come up with a new material that could positively change how the fashion industry deals with its waste.  Founded by twin brothers Nick and Steve Tidball, Vollebak is well known for using science and technology, to disrupt the smart textile world. Famously, the founders once followed in the footsteps of […]

5 Women Reinventing Fabric Technologies for the Textile Industry

Widely adopted by various industries and predicted to be worth $130 billion by 2025, the textiles industry is evolving. It is becoming smarter, thanks to technology. Innovation has introduced us to tech wonders like, fabric that can protect us in ways we never imagined, new materials that can be grown in labs and sustainable ways […]

Squid-Inspired Material could be the Key to Temperature-Regulating Clothing

Can you imagine being able to control the temperature of your clothing, to either heat you up or cool you down? Sounds a bit like science fiction, I know, but it is an idea that could in fact become a reality, thanks to researchers at the University of California, Irvine (UCI).   When Science Is […]