How Will 5G Power New Levels of Innovation and Efficiency In Fashion’s Supply Chain?

Although it is early days, there has been quite a buzz in the last 12 months about the capabilities that 5G will bring to various industries, including fashion. Providing at least 10x faster data transfer compared to 4G cellular networks, those with authority in this space believe that 5G connectivity will have not only a […]

Building a Venture-Backed Company in Under 3 Years – Suuchi Ramesh | Suuchi Podcast #70

On today’s episode, Emanuel and Irina interview Suuchi Ramesh, Founder & CEO of Suuchi, Inc., to dive into her story about founding the company, where she was before Suuchi, Inc., what the past 3+ years looked like, and what’s on the road ahead. They discuss Suuchi’s previous jobs that led her to starting her own […]

Eliminating Wasteful Practices in the Pre-Consumer Supply Chain

Did you know that textile waste is present at all levels of the fashion industry? With attention on fashion companies to adopt sustainable initiatives, some of them have been transparent about the fact that when garments are cut out as patterns, about 15% of the material ends up on the cutting room floor — an […]