How Supply Chain Management Software Can Help Your Business

A business is a complicated animal with many moving parts. Keeping all those parts running smoothly and efficiently is no small feat! One of the most significant areas of concern in this respect is your supply chain.   Consider the process of ordering a few thousand units of clothing. From the designer to the manufacturer, […]

What is ERP vs. CRM vs. SCM?

When looking into software to help manage your business, it can feel a bit like wading through word-soup. There are many acronyms to wrap your head around, and there is often significant overlap between concepts. In this post, we’re going to explain three particular terms you will encounter a lot concerning inventory and management of […]

What is ERP vs. PLM?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and product lifecycle management are complementary tools that serve particular business needs. They are not, as is sometimes believed, alternative options to each other. Indeed, ERP often relies on the information produced by a PLM system to be effective in its role. But before we get carried away, what exactly are […]