The GRID’s Product Lifecycle Management Solution

While PLM systems only focus on the product development side of the supply chain, the Suuchi GRID’s PLM functionality allows businesses to connect the product development stages with the entire supply chain. Our latest module enables users to have the ability to complete tech packs directly in the GRID and pull from a library of previous CADs, tech packs, and available materials without needing a separate system. By connecting product development with the entire supply chain, any data on these processes can now be compared across every stage of the product lifecycle. Within this solution, you can access the following features:

  • Material Library: Easily manage all available materials and trims through the material libraries for a more efficient sourcing strategy and to pull into your bill of materials (BOM).
  • Tech Pack Library: Manage and store previously completed tech packs to avoid searching through hundreds of files for increased turnaround times throughout product development.
  • CAD Library:  Upload and manage CADs to be leveraged across tech packs to reduce redundancies in the design process.
  • Tech Pack Editor: Create full tech packs to be tied directly to a tile of ongoing projects and products across your business.

With a PLM directly connected to your supply chain management platform, you will be able to increase turnaround times throughout product development and improve collaboration across all supply chain participants.

Learn more about Suuchi’s PLM module in the Suuchi GRID

Written by Lizzie Sessa


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