Building the Brand of your Dreams in 2019 Webinar

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting our first ever webinar! “Launch the Brand of your Dreams in 2019” helped potential clients realize what it takes to make their brand come to life this year. Below is a quick recap of the information we equipped start-up entrepreneurs with to help them get started.


Who We Are

Co-host, Emanuel Mercapidez, walked viewers through who we are at Suuchi Inc. We are a next-gen apparel manufacturer and supply chain technology company that has helped brands of all sizes bring their dreams to life. We have seen hyper-growth ourselves through the use of our in-house PLM software, The Suuchi Grid (more on this below).


Product Development Stages

Next Emanuel discussed what the steps for working with us look like. Once you reach out to us, one of our team members will reach out to get some more information on your project needs in order to get you connected with the right people on our team. After we present you with some pricing models and timelines, we connect you with your Account Management team and set up your Suuchi Grid Account. This allows for you to flow almost immediately into product development.



Production is where your designs finally come to life. We discussed the difference between a Cutter’s Ticket and a Cutter’s Must and why both are absolutely required for production. From there, we walked through the cut & sew process, quality check & cleaning, and finally packaging & shipping. Victor Cortez, Vice President of Operations, joined as a co-host to walk viewers through the production process and assist with answering any questions.


The Suuchi Grid

Emanuel walked our viewers through the Suuchi Grid and how it plays into our process. He explained that this is our next-gen PLM software that allows for anyone in the production process to always be connected to the shop floor through the website or the mobile app. This provides clients with real-time data on what stage of production their project is at and serves as a communication hub for clients and their production teams.


Trends and Best Practices

Finally, Emanuel wrapped up by sharing some trends and best practices we have found helps our clients succeed long-term. Not overlooking how important a solid partnership with your manufacturer is will save you time and money. Additionally, incorporating ethical and transparent production into your company’s store will bring you infinite branding power.


We were so happy to be able to have this serve as the first of many webinars to come in the future!


Want a chance to watch the webinar? Catch the replay here!


Written by Lizzie Sessa


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