How Fashion Businesses Are Re-purposing Their Supply Chain To Alleviate Shortages

A ‘Rosie the Riveter’ moment represents a time when women famously took over factories to manufacture equipment for the war effort during World War II; there is no denying that the fashion industry is having such a moment. As face masks become a life-saving hot commodity, fashion businesses are turning to their connections in the […]

5 Plays That Could Positively Impact Your End-to-End Supply Chain Today

With some people arguing that the fashion industry’s supply chain current status is unknown, there is definitely a new normal in effect. It is one that is rewriting the rules of business and taking away the luxury of short term thinking. With more pressure on the fashion industry to change how it operates as a […]

Busting Supply Chain Technology Myths

Supply chain processes in the fashion industry haven’t been re-evaluated since the industrial revolution. As technology continues to evolve to streamline these antiquated, manual operations, the industry hasn’t kept up with the technologies on the market. A lack of internal resources to be able to understand and implement these software means that processes remain the […]

The Birth of An Innovation-Driven Denim Supply Chain

Denim is a wardrobe must-have with mass appeal. We all have something denim in our closet; whether it be a pair of jeans or your favorite jacket, denim is the go-to wardrobe staple that transcends gender, age, and class. The big problem with denim is that it has been associated with several sustainability issues, the […]

Suuchi Inc.’s Statement Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Suuchi Inc. is dedicated to always providing our brands, employees, and stakeholders with transparent communication, so we find it imperative that we address the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It’s no secret that the fashion industry has felt the impact of this disease—especially in the Eastern Hemisphere—and we have been monitoring the spread extensively. As a Western […]

H&M’s B2B Treadler: Serving A Need For Sustainable Supply Chain Expertise

Did you know that according to McKinsey Industry report, “The State of Fashion 2019”, 90% of young consumers today believe companies have a responsibility to address environmental and social issues? Additionally, according to The Global Fashion Agenda Pulse Report 2019, 50% of consumers plan to switch brands if another brand acts more sustainable. So it […]

How the Green, Lean, and Digital Supply Chain Approach is Driving Sustainability

There is a bubbling revolution rising in the fashion industry. It is demanding that supply chains become leaner and greener. Transparency can no longer just be a trend but needs to be a necessary change that is now being driven by labor organizations, human rights groups and even the workers themselves.  The great news is […]

Shortages, Delays, and Panic: How Coronavirus Is Causing A Ripple Effect in Fashion’s Supply Chain

In the last few weeks, we have been exposed to headlines like; ‘The Coronavirus is Throwing Fashion’s Supply Chain into Disarray’ and ‘The Coronavirus is Wreaking Havoc on Luxury Fashion Groups’. If we were to take a closer look, there is no denying that the China-born virus has disrupted global supply chains and exposed its […]

How Will 5G Power New Levels of Innovation and Efficiency In Fashion’s Supply Chain?

Although it is early days, there has been quite a buzz in the last 12 months about the capabilities that 5G will bring to various industries, including fashion. Providing at least 10x faster data transfer compared to 4G cellular networks, those with authority in this space believe that 5G connectivity will have not only a […]

Five Technology Platforms Digitally Transforming Fashion’s Supply Chain

Supply chains are becoming more and more digital, thanks to digital technology-powered processes, approaches and tools. As the digital supply network (DSN) becomes much faster, more granular, and much more precise, we are observing greater efficiency and ability for companies to be able to complete processes quicker. Currently, there are three digital technologies identified as […]