3 Ways for Clothing Brands to Survive Tariff Increases

On December 15th, the U.S. is still set to impose tariffs on Chinese goods. All industries are at risk –especially apparel since about 4.3 billion meters of clothing fabric was produced in China in September alone! Now more than ever, clothing apparel brands need to formulate a plan of action to protect their businesses. In […]

How Bad Weather Can be Good for the Fashion Supply Chain

Even with all the technological advances in Meteorology, predicting weather will never be an exact science. Bad weather (super storms, tornados, earthquakes, etc…) can cause damage to factories or resources that halts clothing production, while unseasonably hot or cold weather can alter the demand for a product. Therefore, preparation is always the best defense when […]

Fashion Revolution for the Good Clothing Company

Fashion Revolution recently released its 2019 Impact Report. Fashion Revolution is a #MakeShiftHappen leader when it comes to positively shifting the fashion industry. It is known for its direct and effective messaging regarding the current fashion models, materials, and mindset, of what makes a good clothing company or the latter! This impact report shares some incredible […]

Clothing Brands Going Digital to Fight The Retail Apocalypse!

E-commerce markets are on the rise. Digital conglomerates like Amazon are raking in billions as the evolution of digital consumerism drastically changes the face of retail. For the past few years, retailer bankruptcies and store closures have been the consistent story line of America’s malls. Retailers like Sears, Forever 21, Nine West, and Claire’s are […]

The Sustainable Fashion Brand to Watch!

As a fan of cellulosic fibers with a focus specifically on sustainably sourced tree fabrics with hypoallergenic properties, over the last year, Naia has been presented to me as the sustainable fashion brand to watch, and I have.  First, I sighted Naia at REMODE, an incredible gathering of sustainable fashion thought leaders from around the […]

How Adidas’ Speedfactory Will Revolutionize Digital Supply Chains

Described as the most significant step towards the Industrial Internet of Things by various industry insiders, digital transformation could be ripe for adoption. Complementing industries like fast-moving apparel businesses, the digitalization of manufacturing has been transforming operations, processes, and energy footprint of factories and supply chains. Giving more than just a quick boost to productivity, […]

Why Emerging Apparel Brands Need Supply Chain Technology

The apparel industry is one of the few industries where viral brands can pop up overnight. Thanks to the rise of influencer marketing and social media, industry leaders can be established within the first five years. However, the truth is that without supply chain tech, the apparel industry can also destroy a company just as […]

Inside Suuchi: Operations Supply Chain Management

Today we released the newest installment of our “Inside Suuchi” series, which focuses on how our Suuchi Inc team uses their in-house tech. This week, we highlight our Senior Vice President of Platform Operations — Victor Cortes. Victors’ exclusive interview showcases how his team incorporates our proprietary supply chain management software: the Suuchi GRID into their […]

Three Heritage Clothing Brands Empowered by Technology Innovation

In the last couple of years, luxury clothing brands have been embracing innovation as the critical driver for their online and offline solutions. Looking to differentiate themselves from competitors, more forward-thinking brands are confidently turning to technology for answers that will help them empower their teams so that they can make sustainable and agile decisions […]

Behind the Seams: 319 the Label on Clothing Manufacturing

We are excited to bring you another episode of our video series Behind The Seams, a platform focused on highlighting some of our favorite brands from our community of clients. We showcase the depth and capabilities of our technology & clothing manufacturing and how our clients have managed to see success using Suuchi solutions, such […]