All Industries will Need PPE in the “New Norm”

Even though COVID-19 continues to turn the world on its head, states across the country are beginning to reopen businesses and lift their stay-at-home orders. While our heroes on the frontlines remain the group who needs PPE the most, companies that are now returning to a new world need to consider how they are going […]

Is Near-Shoring the Future for a Pandemic-Proof Supply Chain?

We are all anxious to see the world economy begin running again but need to be prepared to see significant shifts in the way that businesses of all sizes structure their supply chain network. As we mentioned above, every business has felt the impact of COVID-19 on its supply chain and has exposed underlying weaknesses. […]

Overcoming Chaos And Repairing A Broken Supply Chain

As fashion businesses continue to try and figure out how they can change their path going forward, experts like Elizabeth L Cline, author of Overdressed and the Conscious Closet are hoping that the current pandemic forces the industry to protect its most vulnerable workers in their supply chain. It is a viewpoint that was supported […]

The Perfect Storm | Newsletter #5

We continue to persevere through the madness brought upon us by COVID-19. Another week has passed, and businesses are looking for ways to innovate to be able to stay afloat or finding ways to be able to manage an unprecedented surge in demand. There is a very steep difference between the two; however, we’re going […]

Innovation in Trying Times | Newsletter #4

It’s the 4th week of our newsletter and times continues to move at hyperspeed, but at the same time, at snail pace. The world is experiencing its share of challenges, but that doesn’t mean all is lost. It’s these tough times that the most amazing things can happen in business. You just have to look […]

Coming out of the Trenches | Newsletter #3

Another week has passed and like last time, it feels like we’ve all aged a few years. With the constant ups and downs in the market, drastic changes in consumer behavior, and the Feds passed a $2 trillion stimulus bill, it’s hard to keep up with it… BUT, we need to continue to persevere through […]

Just Getting Started | Newsletter #2

So much has happened in the last seven days that it feels like months have passed since the last email (read here) so we’re here to cover some of the updates that have occurred in the past week. In this week’s email, we cover the following topics: Our Pivot to Producing PPE The Letter to […]

Weekly News with Suuchi | Newsletter #1

In these newsletters, we’ll include industry news, our take to what supply chain participants (i.e. brands, retailers, factories, etc.) can do during these times, and we’ll also be including blogs from our team, podcast interviews, and other resources that you may find interesting, or helpful. Today, we will be covering the following topics: The Pandemic […]

New Business Models: Exploring the Idea of A More Sustainable Supply Chain

Whether fashion businesses are ready for it or not, it has been prophesied that a new world is emerging. These fundamental changes could potentially wake up the industry to the fact that the time has come to reject traditional business models, in favor of new and more ethical ones. Although the fashion supply chain is […]

7 Recovery Strategies That Could Help Reset Your Supply Chain

“Coronavirus will not end globalization, but it will change it”, wrote Beata Javorcik in an FT article. “That’s what viruses force us to do”, concluded the chief economist at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. In the post-pandemic world, fashion is an industry on high alert. With experts believing that no company will get […]